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Noel coordinates and oversees all aspects of the Cad/Drafting Department. Noel is instrumental in ensuring that the CAD/Drafting department maintains the highest level of standards for drawings and documentation. Noel, in his continuing efforts to ensure the stability and reliability of his department, is also tasked with the implementation of updates, new products, and required services for the CAD/Drafting department.

Noel has been an associate for 16 years and has been involved in the low voltage/life safety industry for 16 years. During that time Noel has held the following position: CAD/Drafting Manager

Bachelors in Drafting and Design, NICET I, OSHA 30, EST FIREWORKS, AutoCAD, Revit Architecture Desktop, Flow Calc, FM-200, Vesda, Halon, Synergis Adept

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