Systems and Products

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Whether your project is high-rise, data center, showroom theater, communications, process control or other critical environment, SAFE Electronics has the comprehensive range of resources, experience, and equipment to handle every detail from inception to completion:

  • Project consultation

  • Project design assist

  • Project management

  • Room integrity analysis

  • System specification development

  • System troubleshooting

  • Fire alarm systems and installation

  • Specialty systems and installation

  • Systems testing and inspection

  • Carbon dioxide refilling

  • Clean agent recovery and recycling

  • Existing system analysis

  • Halon 1301 recovery and recycling

  • Inspection Services

  • Onsite system training

Systems design/installation

  • Access control systems

  • Addressable and conventional fire control systems

  • AquaSonic systems

  • Carbon dioxide systems

  • CCTV systems

  • Combustible gas detection systems

  • Complete facilities systems integration

  • Early warning detection (air sampling) systems

  • FM-200/Novec/ECARO-25 systems

  • Foam control systems

  • Industrial dry chemical systems

  • Linear heat detection systems

  • MicroMist systems

  • Optical flame detection (UV and infrared) systems

  • Pre-action/deluge control systems

  • Security alarm systems

  • Sprinkler monitoring systems

  • Video smoke/flame/motion detection systems